Monday, September 16, 2013

Can't Think of a Witty Title

Here's something I love about my school: There's a big piano in the living room and sometimes Mr. K, one of the religion teachers, practices it in the morning. You can hear the music all through the building and it's so beautiful.

Monday morning and I'm feeling kind of drained. I have a history quiz in seven minutes, so we'll see how that goes...

My weekend was insane.

Saturday: I had to go to church for acolyte training from 1-4, and then my mom took me to the art store. New pens, yay! I'm still learning how to use the art pens I got. I also got a book on writing comics.

We got home at about 6, and I didn't have much time for homework. I was up till like 11.

Sunday: It was Homecoming, o joy, so I had to acolyte at 11:15. It was like 98 degrees and we were wearing two layers of robes on top of our clothes. MISERY.

Service let out at 1:00. I had foolishly volunteered to run carnival games afterwards, so I spent the next hour helping kids fish ducks out of a kiddie pool with a fishing rod and giving them tickets. I skipped lunch entirely and didn't really get hungry until later.

When I got home, I had about two and a half hours for homework before I went to this "class party." In hindsight, I should have let my parents go alone. The students were only invited so that more parents would show up. There were a total of eight juniors there, counting me, and no dinner! I thought there would be better food. But nope, my entire dinner was little appetizer quiches and a cracker with some kind of nasty spread on it.


Then I was up till about 11 doing homework, so now I'm a bit tired. I had no time to relax at all. I officially hate history. That's what most of my homework was. For some reason I have a hard time caring about early colonial times.

Got to go take that quiz now. Oh joy.

But my drawing with my tablet is getting better.