Thursday, January 31, 2013

Less Than Three

Following directions from the blog of an author I like for a good cause.

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Click here for information on the Less Than Three Anti-Bullying conference.

And click here for the site where I found out about this.

Do with it what you will.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Which I Get Very, Very Lost

I wrote this last Thursday after I got home. Enjoy.

My brain is so fired.

I mean FRIED.

If you’re wondering why, I have one word for you: Finals.

I have my science final tomorrow (it’ll be over by the time this actually gets posted), followed by religion final. I have truly no idea how I did on Latin, but I think I did okay on English.

With my brain as fried as it is, it’s no wonder I was a little messed up this afternoon. My mom wanted to take a walk in the Arroyo, which is right near my school. We walk there for P.E. sometimes, so I guess my mom was expecting me to know my way around.

Bad move.

We park a block down from the school and start walking along the avenue, trottity-trottity-trot. Ten minutes later, my mom asks, “So when do we turn and go down to the Arroyo?”

I turn around and frown. “Oh. It’s that way.”

So back we go, trottity-trottity-trot, re-tracing our own steps and turning right this time. Down we go, onto the street next to the Arroyo, where I proceed to have doubts about where the path actually IS. We find it, though, and go down it into the Arroyo. Yay!

There’s this path next to where the river is. The river is basically a big concrete trench with a trail of water and green slime running through it. The path is some kind of brown gravelly stuff. We go under the big bridge, which is right next to the entrance trail, and I think I see something I recognize. I thought it was a trail.

“Hey, Mom, I think this is where my class usually goes.” Down it we go, off the path and into the wilds.

Five minutes later we hit a dead end surrounded by bushes.

“Oh. Maybe not, then.”

We turn around and stick to the path pretty consistently after that, until we hit the archery range. Then I see the parking lot. “Hmm. I don’t think my class usually goes this far, but why don’t we try taking THIS trail back?”

Across the parking lot, along the trail…and straight into a slimy little swamp. I was right about my class not usually going that far.

We turn around again.

This time we stay on track and don’t go down any tempting paths. Then, eventually, we start looking for the way we came into the Arroyo. This is because we want to get OUT of the Arroyo, preferably sometime today.

After three dead ends, we try an alternate route. This time we hit a fence. Fortunately, the path goes sideways…in a loop back to the path that we started from.

That was about when I realized that we’d overshot the entrance. By a lot. Remember how the bridge was right next to the entrance? Well, we were way, WAY past the bridge.

So back we go. I think it took us like fifteen minutes just to get back to the bridge.

This time I really DO see the entrance path, thank God. In my defense, it’s well hidden.

Up we go, out of the Arroyo, back to the car, and home, where I proceed to study for Bio and skip my cello practice. Sigh. I hate bio…

Last day of finals tomorrow…I hope I survive…


Incidentally, I did survive. No idea how I DID, but I survived. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just a quick post to say that my laptop's getting fixed so I'm having trouble updating.  I don't like the home computer's keyboard. It makes me mistype stuff. And now I have to go to sleep. Bye. More soon!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year!

So! New year! 2013!

Some good stuff happened, some bad stuff happened. The world spectacularly failed to end...again. Which was good. I guess.

(Kidding. It was good.)

So it should be obvious that I did not actually write up the stuff I said I was going to. Well, I do not seem to be a reliable blogger. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

I had a pretty good New Year's Day. Mom and I watched the Rose Parade recap at 10, mainly because the Rose Queen is from my school! I don't know her personally, but I've seen her in the halls. She's pretty cool. I heard a couple of juniors talking about how she's been missing a LOT of school and the teachers have been giving her time to catch up. Seems like a nightmare, doing all those events while applying to colleges and stuff.

A few days back Dad and I went to Santa Barbara. That was lovely. We just drove up, walked on the beach some, trespassed at the Four Seasons Hotel (we were just walking around the gardens. It's not like we vandalized anything), watched Singing In The Rain later that night.

The next morning we got up to see the sunrise. (A friend recommended that I do that.) It was absolutely freezing, but totally worth it.