Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So Proud :)

I am so proud of myself right now.
I just came up with my best villain name yet!

I’m writing this Harry Potter fan fiction. It’s about Dudley’s daughter, Violet Dursley, going to Hogwarts.

For a fanfic it’s okay. I’m having fun, and that’s what important. I’m pretty sure that J.K. Rowling never thought of some of the plot I’ve come up with.

In my story, Violet is friends with Scorpius Malfoy, who’s very shy, insecure, and not brave enough to defend himself from James and Albus Potter's teasing. Violet, who’s essentially good if a bit obstinate, sarcastic and prone to solving things with her fists, defends him. And then he meets a mysterious being in the halls of Hogwarts…

I needed an additional villain, a Slytherin, so I just now came up with a name. There’s a lot of pressure with HP fanfic to write good names, what with J.K. Rowling’s being so great.

Here’s mine: Tarquin Thyestus.

Here’s the etymology:

In ancient Rome, there was a run of particularly nasty emperors of the Tarquin family. They tended to get a bit stabby-stabby, as we Latin scholars say. Everyone was relieved when someone else took over.

Thyestus also comes from Latin class. Last year we read this story called The Curse of Atreus. Here’s a quick summary:

Atreus and his brother Thyestes were Tantalus’s descendants. Remember, Tantalus was the guy who fried up his kids and served them to the gods. (You see where this is going…)

Even though Thyestes was married with kids, he liked having affairs. But he really shouldn’t have had one with his brother’s wife. Atreus found out about it, and he did what any reasonable man in his position would do: He invited Thyestes—and Thyestes’  kids—over for dinner.

Well, the kids mysteriously disappeared before the main course, presumably to eat at the kiddie table. Thyestes commented on how tasty the meat was, before wondering where the kids had got to.

You can probably guess where the kids had got to.

Suffice it to say that family reunions probably got a bit awkward after that…

So both names have wonderfully evil negative connotations—just what you want in a villain!

I realize that J.K. Rowling has rights to all the Harry Potter stuff, but that name? That name is mine. I am SO using it again for another story. I might even think of something different for the fanfic and save good old Tarquin for something else…

Happy birthday to my mom! I got her an awesome gift, but I'm not telling what it is in case she reads this before tonight... :D 

Universal Pt. 2 is written and I'm waiting on pictures. 

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