Sunday, May 26, 2013

19 Things to Do with Long Hair

To see the video I am blatantly ripping off, scroll to the bottom.


1. Brush it with a hairbrush!

2. Make it as tall as you can.

3. Chew on it when you're bored.

4. Twirl it around your finger

5. Put some of it in a hairband   
6.  Put ALL of it in a hairband

7. Headbang!
This is rather hard to photograph with an iPad. I did get a nice one of the ceiling, though. 

8. Use it to cover your acne!

Yep, the blackheads  on my nose are now totally invisible. And if I look like a deranged maniac, well...

9. Use it as a hiding place!

Oh no! Someone's coming!

Quick! I must hide!

"Well, there's no one here..."

10. Put it in braids! The more the merrier!

Or weirder...whatever floats your boat...

11. Hide secret messages with it! No bangs?

 No problem!

(That was supposed to say "Secret message," but I got ticklish when my friend was writing it.)

12. Put it on someone else's head!

Me and my friend Felix, who got another sonic screwdriver for her birthday.

Me and my dad.

Me and my cat Fluff. 

13. Use it as a mustache!

14. Or a beard!

15. Use it as a cat toy!

16. Tuck it up under a hat.
Or two. 

Halloween costume hat. I was Puss in Boots


Robin Hood! 

Possibly the coolest hat I own...

..except for this one. :D 

17. Fling it around when you play a musical instrument!

18. Pin it under your fingers by accident!

This is actually quite painful and annoying. 

And 19! Do your Cousin Itt impression!

The real Cousin Itt...


Oh yeah, and 20...

20. Cut it all off and donate it to Locks for Love!

So yeah. I got my hair cut short. And I love it very much. The back is so FUZZY. 

And here's the video I ripped off. It's extremely funny. 

All respect to Charlie McDonnell, a brilliant young man who does funny things on YouTube. Check out his new short film The Tea Chronicles!!

As a little note, I can do the wet dog thing with short hair but not long hair. :)

Bye now.

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