Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review Project pt. 2

Etiquette and Espionage review:

Etiquette & Espionage, a steampunk/urban fantasy middle-grade novel, was an enjoyable read. I thought that the Parasol Protectorate, an adult series by the same author, was actually better written and plotted, but E&E was still fun. Part of the fun of E&E for fans of Gail Carriger is that E&E takes place some time before the Parasol Protectorate, but features some of the same characters. If you've read the Parasol Protectorate, you'll recognize some old friends and make many new ones in E&E. 

Review of The Lost Child of Tir na NOg by Katarina Bethel:

The Lost Child of Tir na NOg, the literary debut of high school senior Katarina Bethel, is actually pretty good. It tells the story of Audrey, a changeling child who, with the help of a mysterious faerie, must find her way to Tir na NOg, where her destiny awaits her. The book had some problems with continuity, and some of the characters could have been more clearly drawn, but that should be fixed in the second edition which Ms. Bethel assures us is on its way. The story itself was engaging and incredibly well researched. I've read a lot of faerie books myself and the attention to mythic detail was impressive. 

The fact that Katarina Bethel is a good friend of mine has nothing to do with my advertising her book. Well, maybe a little. 

Buy it on Amazon! It's worth it!

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