Thursday, March 13, 2014

Curses on my stupid computer

So it might be a while before I can update my blog.

See, I decided to give up webcomics for Lent. Which means no checking Gunnerkrigg Court, Girl Genius, Namesake, Blindsprings, or any of the other billion webcomics I follow for another...let's see...thirty-two days.

To help me do this, I turned the administration over to my other computer account and set up the parental controls system to block out the webcomic pages.

Big mistake.

See, for some reason the parental controls not only blocks the webcomics, but it also screws with various other internet functions on my computer. I'm typing this from the other account on my computer, because my regular account no longer lets me access Blogger! Apparently it can't establish a secure connection to the server, whatever that means. It also can't establish a connection with my school website, which is really annoying. I'll take the controls down once I've learned to resist the temptation.

I'm also irritated because this side of the computer (the alternate account that I'm typing on now) won't let me access my school email--which means I can't share the awesome story I wrote with you guys. At least, not at this moment. I'll figure out how to get it up sometime next week. It contains the Everglades, an albino crocodile, leopard-people, and evil trees. You have been warned.


I am doing cello for the school's production of Evita! It's opening night and I'm currently sitting outside the theatre while the cast runs through lighting cues. The other musicians are talking to each other a few feet away. I think they're discussing boyfriends. And shoes. And possibly farting noises.

Here are some pictures of my surroundings.

A blurry picture taken from behind of my fellow musicians talking

My cello case. On the right (your right) are my backpack and green lunch bag.

Some palm trees and one of the school buildings. The light is really pretty right now.
To tell you the truth, I still don't completely understand Evita. It's about Eva Peron, who was the first lady of Argentina and a big, big figure.

I meant to write more, but I gotta go run stuff now. Bye.

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