Monday, June 23, 2014

Guess Where I Am Right Now

I'm sitting in a loud lounge on a red bouncy couch. I'm kind of slipping behind the cushion into the back of the couch. Someone just banged a ping-pong paddle against the ping-pong table really loudly. The FIFA World Cup is on TV. 

Outside it's sunny, green and yellow and glowing and glistening. The air is warm and wet and clean from the rain that soaked my hair and shirt earlier before departing as suddenly as it came. 

Nope, I am not in California any more.

I'm in Ohio! At Kenyon College!! For the Kenyon Young Writers' Workshop!!! And having trouble typing because I got so used to handwriting earlier today. 

The kids playing ping-pong are two Asian girls on one side with long flowing black hair and a skinny blond guy with dark eyebrows and glasses on the other side. He's wearing a Yosemite T-shirt, the girls are shorts and flipflops. One has a pink and white tank top that shows cleavage, the other a midriff-baring blue and pink thing. 

Oh, and my computer thinks its 1:59 because I haven't hooked it up to the internet yet. It's really 4:59, which really is 1:59 California time. I've been feeling a bit off today, which I think is just my body adjusting to the three-hour time difference and eating at weird times (for California. I had to get up at 7, and that's like 4 west-coast time). 

Yesterday was a travel day. Four hours on a plane, then an hour's ride to Kenyon. I got there late, along with three other California people, so we actually missed dinner. We caught the tail end of an ice-breaking exercise, then went to another thing where they introduced all the teachers and RAs. By the end of that, we were starving, but we still had to go to our respective RA floor meetings. Then, after several frantic minutes of searching during which I delved into my left-over trail mix, we finally got the pizza we'd been promised. Yay pizza!

My dorm room is okay and my roommate is awesome. We're both big Neil Gaiman fans and we like a lot of the same stuff so I think we'll get along pretty well. 

I don't know if it was the time difference or what, but I just could not sleep last night. I just lay there staring at the wall for like an hour before finally pulling out my flashlight and finishing the 500+ page book I'd started on the plane (Now I'll Tell You Everything by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor). Then I stared at the wall more before finally dropping off, only to wake up an hour before I had to. 

The dining hall at Kenyon looks like the dining hall at Hogwarts minus the magic ceiling and the house colors. It is awesome. 

The workshops so far have been pretty great. Lots of free writing and reflection. I feel like today was sort of a nonfiction day and I kind of hope we get more into fiction and stuff later. I might post some of my writing here. 

Oh, and this will be posted a few hours after I write it because I haven't gotten the internet working and I'm writing on a digital sticky note. 

*A few hours later*

Feeling really hyper again and it's late. Had a pretty good evening. Played BS with a group of kids including a guy who cannot lie to save his life. It was fun! 

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