Monday, December 17, 2012

Burned Out

Di immortales, I am exhausted. Just totally burned out.

I've been meaning to write all weekend but I never had time. I also keep meaning to respond to my emails but I haven't had time (sorry, Harry. I started a response but didn't finish). On Saturday I had two Christmas parties to go to and Kris Kinds shopping to do and Sunday was eaten by the Scopes Monkey Trial. I have a giant project for that, which I'm presenting tomorrow. I made a Keynote and wrote a 4-page paper and everything.

Something I want to address:

Look at the top of this webpage. The URL, to be precise.

What do you see?

I'll give you a minute...

If you said that the error is that "book," as in "bookworm," is spelled with 3 'o's---you're right.

I actually messed up the web address when I made the blog. And didn't notice until my dad pointed it out.

Dad noticed because he and Mom couldn't find the blog.

The thing is supposed to say "rowanbookworm," I swear. But now it's "rowanboookworm."


2 classes later: It's amazing how much better a few dark chocolate M&Ms can make you feel. I love Kris Kinds!

It's now the end of the day. I am just...woof. Brain dead.

Anyway, back to the web address: Do you think it makes me distinctive? Does it set me apart from other bloggers? Am I not amazing?

Thank you, thank you. I think so too.

Now I have to go. I swear I'll write something longer next time. Vale! (That's 'goodbye' in Latin.)

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