Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oww, my hands...

So I know it's early for another blog post--what with it being the same day and all--but I just want to rant for a minute. I have had NO time to write anything but essays and religion homework. I actually wrote Memories pt. 1 a couple days ago and didn't have time to finish (hence the pt. 1).

Quick rant:

On Tuesday, I tripped and fell on a cactus.

Well, it wasn't quite a cactus. It was more like a succulent with really, really sharp thorns. I tripped and fell and my left hand went into the harmless ivy while my right hit the plant and promptly started gushing blood. It was actually quite painful.

I'm hoping I at least get a cool scar out of this. It's weird--everything happens to my left hand. That's the one with the scars on the wrist (accident with glass) and now this.

Then today I was practicing the accompaniment for The Little Drummer Boy with the vocal group (I play the cello, so on LDB I'm playing the part that the bass would sing if we had a bass section. Which we don't, because it's an all-girls school). My part is pretty much bah...bah...bah...bah and then bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah the entire way through. It involves a couple of chords that aren't hard, but oh my God are they painful. My wrist is still so sore.

So that's my entire rant, for now. I love having a blog. It's so wonderfully narcissistic.
 Now I need to get back to homework. I'll write more about Waldorf when I can.

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