Thursday, December 6, 2012

He's a Semi-Aquatic Egg Layin' Mammal of Action...

Wow, a lot has been happening.

Now what was I going to say?

Well, first, there's a yellowjacket stalking my friends at lunch. I don't care about the thing, so it doesn't bother me, but everyone else jumps up and runs away every time it gets close. It got part of Felix's lunch once, so it keeps coming back. I warned her about feeding the bees, but did she listen? Nooo.

Another gross bug experience: I have this new dental appliance to wear at night. It's big and blue and I can't talk with it in. It goes on top of my invisiline. So I woke up on Tuesday, took the blue thing out... and realized that I'd spent the night with an ant stuck in my retainer.



Can you imagine if that had happened at school? "Hey Raina, do I have anything in my teeth?" "Uhh..." (Or "AAH!")

So besides all the bug drama, my life has been hectic. I had two tests and two quizzes today (this is out of five classes, since we have an activity period on Thursdays). My brain is fried. So fried that I just typed "fired" instead of "fried" and had to fiax it. Whoops.

I am so jealous of my dad! While I was slaving away in school yesterday, he got to go to California Adventure! For WORK! Seriously, his boss took him and a few other guys to scope out the changes they'd made to the park. (My dad, by the way, is in the entertainment business. So it does kind of make sense. But still.)

Dad did try to appease me, though. He sent me a video he got of this Phineas and Ferb car (Dad and I are both avid Phineas and Ferb fans. I got him into it.) Let's see if I can upload it.

Yay! It worked! 
Wait, did it?
Yes, yes it did. (Just not at school--I'm currently checking it a few hours later)

He also brought me back something awesome from the gift shop...guess what it is...

He's a semi-aquatic egg-layin' mammal of action...

That's right! It's Perry the Platypus!
More specifically, it's a Perry the Platypus piggy bank! 

(The slot's at the back of the hat there.)

Yay! Go, Perry the Platypus!

So yeah. I've pretty much forgiven my dad for going to CA Adventure without me. (Especially since, you know, he had to.)

Another fun thing I did today was going to see the school production of Charlie's Aunt during activity. Oh my gosh, it was so funny. It's this British comedy of manners where these two guys, Charlie and Jack, want to invite a couple of girls over. This would normally be scandalous, but Charlie's rich aunt from Brazil (where the nuts come from...XD) is coming to visit. At the last minute, their friend "Babs" stops by and then they get a message that the aunt can't come. But they still want to have their girlfriends over, and Babs happens to be playing an old woman in an amateur stage all spirals out of control from there.

One thing that was especially funny about THIS production is that this is an all-girls school. So we had a girl playing a guy pretending to be an old lady.

Convoluted, anyone?

Also, someone broke a shot glass on stage. The way it happened was this: The glass was on a table. The table was at the end of a couch. One of the characters launched him(her)self at the couch, which crashed into the table, sending the shot glass over the edge. Whoops.

This is apparently the second shot glass they've lost, too! My friend Felix said that one day there was a wet spot on the ground and one of the glasses was missing. Nobody ever owned up. Draw your own conclusions.

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