Monday, December 3, 2012

The First Steps to the Dark Side...

Oh my God, I've done it.

I have taken the first steps...towards an epic betrayal of all my friends.

No, you don't get to know what it is yet. (For one thing, it's too embarrassing.) Suffice it to say that it involves the library and a certain person my friends all hate.

Oh! Speaking of libraries, I went to one on Saturday. And I wasn't scared a bit! Granted, it was a very small library, but still. I am totally library-fear-proof. See, libraries? I was right! Nothing CAN stop our love!

Although I may have some doubts about the teen volunteer party next year.

See, the teen volunteer party is a party for the teens who have volunteered over the summer. We congregate in the library after hours, eat pizza, play lame games and play not-so-lame games. The lame games are the ones involving making up monsters/aliens and seeing which is the best. The not-so-lame ones involve relay races on swivel chairs through the bookshelves. (Last August one kid went straight into the DVD collection.)

And the best part?


In the dark.

Seriously, the librarians turn off all the lights and let us run around in a darkened library. It's pretty awesome...until you start thinking about Vashta Nerada.* Yeee. As if the bookshelves weren't creepy enough already...

(Although that might not even be an issue next year. Last time it got pretty wild--someone knocked over a shelving cart in the children's section. I think the librarians might be re-thinking that particular game.)

And now for a random picture! I actually made this last year, when my mom was watching Glee and I had some extra time after school. Enjoy.

Click here to learn about Vashta Nerada. But I'm warning you, spoilers.

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