Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spirit Week days 1&2

Spirit Week is a week at my school where every day we have a theme and we dress up. It's a lot of fun. Today the theme is Dreams, so I'm writing this at school in my pajamas. Soo comfy...

Yesterday was Letter Day. Our mascot is the Cubs, so freshmen had the letter C, sophomores U, juniors B, and seniors S. As a sophomore, I had U.

My favorite freshman costume: carpet. She wore beige-y floral patterned stuff.

My favorite junior costume: three girls went as Bed, Bath and Beyond.

My favorite senior costume: My big sister Ellie was Sherlock!!! She looked AMAZING (especially since she borrowed my deerstalker.)

Slight topic change:

On Valentine's Day my mom gave me the best hat EVER.
It's a beanie with Viking horns and braids. She knitted it herself. It looks like an awesome Viking helmet!

I just had to wear it to school, so I searched through Norse mythology for a goddess whose name starts with U.

I wound up going as Uta, Goddess of Vigilance, who patrols the borders between Asgard and Jotunheim on her polar bear. (Interesting story about how she got the bear. I'll tell you later.)

And I won a candy bar for having the most imaginative costume!

Little did they know how apt that was...

You see, Uta does not exist.

I made her up.


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