Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I have no energy for an actual dance music.

I meant blog post. My friend was saying something about dance music and I started typing the conversation. Creative Writing Conservatory can get surprisingly rowdy. Right now someone's trying to do a standing splits while everyone else is talking. And my dance music friend just stole the pencil from behind my ear and stuck it in my other friend's hair.

My pencil-hair friend just gave me the pencil back and now they're talking about whether people can actually slip on banana peels. (Dance-music friend says that according to Myth Busters they can't.) And now they're wondering where the popcorn went and poking splits friend.

The reason that we have no more popcorn is that it was right behind me and it was delicious.

I have no energy for an actual post, so have some pictures. Yes, some of these have been on the blog before.

Something I made when I was bored. 

A shark is eating my head. 

Cosplaying Cousin Itt.

Mad scientist hair.

And here's some I found on the internet. 

Yay internet.

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