Thursday, January 16, 2014

YouTube Tutorials Are Not Good For Everything

So our AP English teacher has been out sick all week, and today's sub had instructions to let us see our essays and vocab quizzes, which are locked in a filing cabinet. Ms. P (the teacher) said that Mr. B (the sub) should go get the key with the smiley face sticker on it.

But no one could find the teacher who has the key, so some of the girls decided instead to watch a YouTube video on picking locks and then try it themselves. Couldn't hurt, right?

The drama unfolded before my eyes.

They clustered around the filing cabinet, trying to wiggle a paperclip into the lock. I'm not sure exactly what they were trying to do, but it was fairly amusing to watch.

Then the paperclip got stuck.

It didn't break, but they couldn't get it out of the lock! Google yielded up no sufficient answers for "how to get a paper clip unstuck from a lock" (although according to one of those "ask questions here" sites, we're not the first people to do it. One person recommended taking the door off its hinges, which would be fine if we weren't talking about a filing cabinet). The paperclip remained stuck.

I'd like to point out that you don't often see a group of students trying to pick the lock on a filing cabinet for the sole purpose of looking at old essays and vocab quizzes. I love my school. :D

Anyway, things got worse when the paperclip actually broke off inside the lock. My friend Felix (who works with jewelry) says we'll need pliers to get it out.

One of the maintenance people is now using pliers to extract the paperclip from the lock. It doesn't look like it's going well. We may need dynamite next.

Now he's using a Swiss army knife.

He just left and came back with a different pair of pliers, which he is attempting to...ooh, I think he might have gotten it!

Nope. Now he's leaving again.

Okay, he got it! The cabinet is now fixed! Yay! And the teacher with the key just showed up too!

UPDATE: Turns out they were picking the wrong lock. The essays weren't there! And since there was only ten minutes of class left, no one wanted to look at the vocab quizzes.

UPDATE AGAIN: Apparently the Physics class had an interesting block too. While we were trying to get the paper clip out of the lock on the filing cabinet, they were getting busted for going off campus to do experiments (with their teacher, of course). Then they got back and discovered the gas leak in the building.

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