Thursday, May 29, 2014


After a two-day hiatus from school, I am finally back.

Basically, I went to Disneyland on Saturday. Then I came back and got really sick for the next four days. I promise to write about both of these things in my next post, as soon as I get the Disneyland photos onto my computer, but right now I am back at school and very, very stuck.

Who knew that writing a personal statement for college applications would be so HARD?

I tried to start it when I was sick, but no luck. So far I've been doing a whole lot of typing and very little actual writing.

The problem is that I'm not really sure where to start. Then I pick a random spot, type for a while, get sidetracked, and wind up going down a whole other road that I'm pretty sure colleges don't want to hear about.

See, I'm trying to write about my background and how it's influenced my life. For me, that means writing about my old Waldorf school, but that opens up a whole new can of worms, since I've still got seriously mixed feelings about the place. So I pick a direction to go, then get off on a tangent and find that I've written two hundred words that in no way contribute to my essay.

Rrrrrggggghhh. huhj

...and now my head hurts because I just banged it on the computer keyboard, hence the "huhj" above. (But not the "Rrrrrggggghhh." I typed that on purpose.

Okay, back to the pointless typing on a Word document now. Have a picture before I go.

It's a cartoon I drew based on a discussion with my friend about how we'd respond to nerdy pickup lines. (She's in AP Bio, which should explain this rather well. I should add that the red-headed girl looks nothing remotely like either of us.) 

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