Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So...guess who got her drivers license yesterday....

Well, technically I have an interim license. But I passed the test! So now I get to drive by myself, a privilege I took full advantage of today.

The first place I drove was the library. That was fitting, as it was always one of my goals to get my license so I could go to the library by myself.

Then I drove to my high school to pick up some artwork from last year. I got to say hi to a couple people, so that was nice. They remodeled the receptionist's office! And they painted over the senior locker room. It's a tradition that each year the seniors paint the senior locker room. Ours was RAD. The theme was "around the world" and we painted different landmarks and stuff. My best contribution was undoubtedly the David statue wearing an itty-bitty school uniform skirt.

Then I went home, and practiced cello for the first time in months, and did some art. Maybe I should post pictures of the art. I've been doing a lot of watercolor lately. I found a watercolor journal someone gave me so I'm trying to build a small portable portfolio. I'll show you some time if you want :)

Then tonight I drove over to a friend's house and hung out. That involved a good twenty minutes of freeway each way, and it was dark on the way back. But it was nice. I like driving alone. It's peaceful. I can't think too much, so it's just me and the radio and my internal driving monologue (which is like my usual internal monologue but with more traffic updates). It was good. Also, I...might like country music in the car. A lot. Don't hate me.

I'm really glad I went over there. I hadn't seen this friend in a while, and it was nice to get in touch. It's so weird that I can just drive wherever I want now. I feel like such an adult, driving home alone at night and letting myself into the's an interesting feeling. For the first time, I felt ready for college.

Then I looked around my room and thought, Never mind. It's a bit of a mess. And by a bit I meant a lot. 

See you soon. Thanks for reading. :)

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